The images in this first gallery, are from the book, “Sculpture,” by Lee Lawrie, published by J. H. Jansen, Cleveland, 1936.  A number of libraries have this book, but some sell them off as unwanted and passe.  

Inasmuch as this was published at the height of the Great Depression, I theorize that Lawrie used this as his resume, when trying to obtain work, when there was very little to be had.  I still need to determine how to display the captions. But until then, simply look and behold the genius that was Lee Lawrie.

The maquette for the Wisdom Creating the Universe, at the Rockefeller Center.

Note that the inscription was changed for the final installation.  At the bottom, the swirling portions were made into glass blocks, by the Corning Glass company.  From the Jansen folio.

More Rockefeller Work







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