Pelicans on the Louisiana State Capitol Tower.

Main Entrance.jpg

The Main Entrance of the Louisiana State Capitol, by Lee Lawrie

Beginning at the top, Lawrie illustrates the Domains of Louisiana, including the first, the Indian nation, the Spanish, the French, the Confederate and the Union.

Atop the grand entrance is the Pelican with its babies.  The legend of the pelican goes that to prevent her babies from starvation, the mother pelican pierces her own breast to feed the young on her own blood.

Surrounding the entrance are figures of African American workers producing the goods of the state: sugar,  lumber, petroleum, steel, seafood and cotton. The panel also illustrates education, the courts, the mint, communication via radio and newspapers, transportation, shipping, agriculture, furs, and architecture.

Click on the image to view it in full size, which reveals more detail of this work–all from the mind of Lee Lawrie.








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